August 8, 2010

Sister's 21st

The night after the wedding my sister decided to hold her 21st so that all the relatives could attend. We chose to hold it in an Australian restaurant. She received tonnes of thoughtful presents too so overall I think she was extremely happy that night.

Lots of seats ready for the guests
Birthday girl at the head of the table
Sparkler candles on Lychee Rose Birthday cake
Second Birthday cake which we ate at home

August 7, 2010

The Wedding Part 4

The Wedding Part 4
Ballroom Banquet (also at St Regis)

The Ballroom was beautifully decorated, the pictures below don't really portray it quite the same but close enough's good enough.

The Wedding Cake
Dinner in the Ballroom
At the reception desk
Table gifts for everyone

The Wedding Part 3

The Wedding Part 3
Tea Ceremony and Solemisation

Those who are close to the Bride and Groom went to St Regis for the tea ceremony. The entire extended family attended.
The couple with the Aunts and Uncles from the Bride's side
About an hour later the solemnisation took place and more people attended.

Aisle ready for the bridal party
The march in
Bride and her father (He looks super happy)
Pastor, Bride's father, Groom and the Bride

The Wedding Part 2

The Wedding Part 2
Collecting the Roast Pig

We went to the Groom's house to collect the roasted pig, the wine and the 8 oranges. The Bride changed into her Kua while she was there.

The 8 oranges (they're inside!)
Boys with the roasted pig
At the bride's house where the couple eats Tang Yuan
Plenty of food for everyone at the Bride's house