June 28, 2010


Its 11:15 and I've only just woken up now. The past few days had been so busy in preparation for the wedding that was held last night.

My sister's birthday party is on tonight and I'll be going to Japan soon too, so I'll have to write a wedding catch up post after my Japan trip.

I'm so excited but also so dead tired!!  x_x

June 21, 2010

Flowers for the wedding

These are some flowers that are going to be used in the hallway for the wedding.

There'll be more flowers coming in.

There are already 2 other bunches of flowers here but apparently there's still a big boat shaped one to come. Its going to be for the dinning table so it'll be about 1 metre long I'm guessing.

6 more days 'til the BIG DAY!

June 20, 2010

New Champaign Heels

These are my new heels, I just bought them yesterday from Charles and Keith. I'm going to be wearing these at my cousin's wedding. I'm so in lurve with them!!

June 16, 2010

C'est fini!

Hurrah! I'm done with exams (for this semester)!! I don't know how I went but I'm really happy now that they're over :) :) :)

I've been really excited about going overseas and all so I've been packing my bags non stop and trying to cut down on things so that I may travel as light as possible then come back with my bags filled to the brim!

Turns out I'll have to sew a few travel bags before I leave though - for things like hair accessories etc. I've stitched up my everyday-silver-bag so that I can still use it for a little longer but I still need to alter a few of my dresses then I can pack them too!

I've pretty much cleaned up my room and I've leaving in just 2 days! I really am very excited! - OMG the wedding is in 11 days... now I'm even more excited!! (haha)

Anyways, if I find my travel checklist, I'll upload it because it's really useful and I could really do with it right about now.