July 14, 2010

The Wedding Part 1

The Wedding Part 1
"Sabo-ing" the Groom as he attempts to collect the Bride

All 8 bridesmaids got up at 5am to do self makeup and hairdos. We're all good to go (and apparently so is the Bride's mother). This is us ready and waiting at the Bride's house.

Sabo-ing the Groom is a Singapore wedding custom where the bridesmaids are referred to as 'sisters' and the groomsmen are referred to as 'brothers'. For us, we asked for ang pows (red packets containing cash) before allowing the Groom to enter the house. It took us 3 ang pows before we let them in. This is us crowding around the door and our first ang pow.

After making the Groom go broke we played nice and let him in.

Only to tell his 'brothers' that they had to do push ups with the Groom on their backs.

Then we had a little questionaire and for every incorrect answer they had to consume some horrible concoction of ours. In the picture, they had to eat warheads and drink lemon juice.

We gave them some time to rest their stomachs before their little dance workout where they danced to 'Nobody' by Wonder Girls =)

Just when he thought he was at her room door we told he to sing out his love for her at the top of his lungs. He chose to sing 'and I will always love you'. Even so, we told him it wasn't loud enough so his backup singers, the brothers, had to join in.

Then he opened her room door and found it wasn't his bride waiting for him! My sister was acting as the replacement bride. We asked for one last ang pow and then we led him to her brother's room where the real Bride was waiting. This is the two of them together after all the torture and pain.

The Groom, Bride and bridesmaids.

The Groom, Bride, groomsmen and male cousins.

The Bride and Groom leaving for the Groom's house.

The couple under the symbolic red umbrella. I don't know what it symbolises but I'd assume something like wealth, health and prosperity - probably.

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